Connecticut's Choice Legislative Awards

Worst Policy Idea

This award goes to the overall worst policy idea of the legislative session. It may go to a proposed bill that the legislature did not pass, or to a proposal ultimately enacted into law.

Golden Fleece Award

Based on the award issued by U.S. Senator William Proxmire (D-Wisconsin) in the 1970s and 80s, this award goes to the most wasteful expenditure of public funds each session.

Biggest Time Waster

Legislatures often waste precious hours on agenda items with little or no relationship to constituents’ material wellbeing. This award goes to the legislature’s biggest time-waster each session.

Absurd Quote Award

This award goes to the most outlandish statement made in connection with the current legislative session. The statement may be absurd on its own terms, or in connection with its broader context.

How Awards Work

For the third straight year, the 2015 legislative session will feature the CPI's, "Connecticut's Choice Legislative Awards" -- a lighthearted way for Connecticut residents to engage with the legislative session and hold political leaders accountable.  Anyone can submit a nomination for an award and the winners are determined entirely by popular voting on our website.

How It Works

  • To submit a nomination for one of the four awards, fill out the form here with a brief description of your nomination. We will then post the nomination on our website.
  • To vote for an award, simply click the “vote” button below a nomination you support. You may cast votes for as many nominations as you’d like (though, of course, if you vote for every nomination your votes will have no impact).
  • We also urge you to post a comment below a nomination, arguing for why it is or is not a worthy candidate for the award. Comments will be moderated for civility.

The award-winners from the 2014 session are listed below the current 2015 nominees.