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CT Government Weekly Rundown—October 28

  • Oct 28, 2013

Access Health Rollout Presents Some Cause for Celebration, Some Cause for Concern

As the federal Affordable Care Act healthcare exchange website faces increasing bipartisan criticism for its technical shortcomings, the independent firm Health Pocket has praised Connecticut’s exchange website for its ease of use.  Connecticut has not been completely unaffected by technical issues at the federal level, however, as outages in the federal data services hub this weekend have interfered with enrollment on Connecticut’s exchange, known as Access Health.

In spite of the relatively smooth technical rollout of Connecticut’s exchange, the early enrollment data presents some cause for concern.  Most of the early customers were ages 55 to 64, and, among enrollees under 35 the majority are enrolled in Medicaid coverage.   The private insurance plans offered on the exchanges will only be viable over the long-term if younger people enroll.  Younger participants on the exchanges pay relatively higher premiums than older participants given the amount of healthcare they generally consume.  It remains very early in the enrollment process, but if the current patterns continue, the private insurers will face pressure to raise premiums or leave the exchange.  

What It Means for You: Connecticut’s health exchange leadership deserves credit for overseeing a relatively smooth technical launch.  But the long-term success of the exchange remains up in the air.

State Legislature May Consider New Nightclub Regulations Following New Haven Club Shootings

Following a shooting this weekend at the Key Club nightclub in New Haven, New Haven Mayor John DeStefano has called for a series of new safety regulations at nightclubs.  Many of his proposals would require state legislative action, including allowing cities to levy fees for nightclubs in a district where heavy police presence is required and mandating that private security at nightclubs be licensed and trained by local Police Departments.

What it Means For You: Governor Malloy has said he will work with the legislature during the upcoming 2014 session to pass some of the Mayor’s proposals, though previous attempts to pass similar nightclub regulations have not been successful.

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