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CT Job Growth Continues to Lag Nation, Northeast

  • Dec 03, 2013

The U.S. Department of Labor recently released its state-by-state job numbers for September and October, and the results for Connecticut are not promising. 

The department’s survey of employers indicates three consecutive months of job losses, almost entirely erasing the 10,000-job gain posted in July.  Over the summer state officials and other observers celebrated that gain with much fanfare, but as the CPI hypothesized at the time it appears to have largely been a statistical anomaly.  As these CPI charts show, the employer survey’s longer-term trajectory continues to be one of slow growth, lagging both the country as a whole and most of Connecticut’s northeast neighbors.

The department’s survey of households indicates an uptick in employment for September and October, continuing a trend of slight growth since April.  The household survey continues, however, to show year-over-year job losses, as it has since 2011.  As with the employer survey, Connecticut’s household survey data indicates the state is performing worse than the nation as a whole and its northeast neighbors.

What it Means For You: Connecticut's economy remains on a negative trajectory relative to its peers in the northeast and the rest of the country.

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