Crime & Public Safety

National Drop in Violent Crime Passes CT By

  • Mar 26, 2014
  • Ben Zimmer

Governor Malloy’s senior criminal justice advisor, Michael P. Lawlor, testified before the legislature’s judiciary committee on Friday about a new report on state crime trends.  His testimony focused on several positive statistics in the report, including a 5-year drop in overall crime rates.  Left unspoken was that this reduction did not reflect a drop in violent crime.

The chart below, which is taken directly from the report, shows that violent crime in Connecticut has remained relatively stable over the last ten years in spite of a nationwide decline.  The chart also shows that Connecticut’s violent crime rate has actually increased since 2010. 

Violent crime rates in Connecticut as a whole remain below the national average.  But violent crime in Connecticut’s cities exceeds crime rates in urban areas elsewhere in the country and has remained stubbornly high.  For more on urban crime in Connecticut, including recommendations to reduce and prevent crime, see this recently released CPI policy paper.   

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