Policy Research

In addition to providing easy access to information about Connecticut and our state Government, we develop our own research-based recommendations for Connecticut public policy.

We believe voters make better choices when quality policy analysis and opinion are available to clarify policy choices and to back-up or refute ideological or consensus-based views.  We hope to generate interest in and ease access to that information.

Newest Policy Papers

Jobs & the Economy, Taxes & Government Spending, Healthcare

Bringing Paid Family & Medical Leave to Connecticut

In 2014, a state legislative task force recommended that Connecticut adopt a mandatory, employee-funded family medical leave insurance program for all private and public employees. This paper analyzes this proposal and offers a few recommendations for improving it.

Taxes & Government Spending, Government Administration, Legislation

How Connecticut Can Fix its Unclaimed Property Laws

Connecticut's unclaimed property system is broken. The state has an opportunity to make that system work better and generate additional revenue at a time of considerable fiscal stress. It should act.

Education, Legislation

Higher Education Funding in Connecticut: What Policymakers Should Know and Do

Instead of distributing money in block grants to higher education institutions, Connecticut should provide a core funding payment and performance funding payment to the state’s public universities.